Jesus is the ultimate example of servant leadership. We believe in empowering people by making room for their gifts. Our team seeks to model authentic, transparent relationship with others in building a safe place for people to take risks. We are honoured to serve the Genesis community as well as the people of our city.Matthew 20:25-28 / 2 Corinthians 1:24

Senior Leadership Team

Cory & Jodie Dueck

Senior Leadership Team / Lead Pastors

Back in 2000, after seeing their broken marriage miraculously restored, it could be said that Cory and Jodie "stumbled" into ministry by default. Grace changes everything! Today, they passionately share the joy-infused, good news of the finished work of the cross and the hope-inspiring power of reconciliation for all.

Cory and Jodie have three amazing children Mady, Hailey and Jonah, and an equally amazing son-in-law Daniel.

Cory enjoys hanging out with friends and family, listening to and making music, birding, travelling, writing, Monty Python, good food and great wine!

Jodie has a passion for teaching all ages and enjoys socializing, shopping, reading and learning about anything and everything, and a good cup of coffee!

Erika & Matt Enns

Senior Leadership Team

Matt and Erika have been married for 18 years and have two children, Avareigh, and Ryder. Their passion for Genesis church and it’s growing family is primarily aimed at the cradle-college and worship areas.

Their lives are full and very busy with family, church, work and the many things they lend their hands to, in volunteer work. They do cherish the odd moment of quiet time and count it precious when it happens but they love to live life to its fullest! Starting with their kids! Recreationally speaking their top priority and favourite thing to do is watch their kids live out their dreams at the hockey rink or on the stage!

A close second would be cultivating relationships… starting with their own. 18 years of marriage takes time and a lot of work and Matt and Erika have spent a lot time investing in that relationship through shared hobbies and adventures such as travel, and trying new things together, worship and writing, dreaming and creating. From there the interest in relationship spills over to friendship. A great joy is cultivating and growing the precious friendships in their lives. Entertaining and investing in a culture of hospitality and friendship that looks different and creative and full of life and new experiences is what gives them life and excitement! There is always room for more… more relationship, more dreams, more creativity, more adventure!

"Life is full and we are so blessed to have been given THIS life to live. We’re so grateful that Genesis has embraced us and allowed us to serve as part of the family. Grace changed everything and we will never be the same. You’re never the same when you’ve been touched by grace… you’re richer…"

Youth Leadership

Daniel & Madison Maragliano, Jamison Niezen, and Tom Wenner

Youth Leadership Team

At Atmosphere Youth our goal is to create an environment where youth are encouraged to see themselves from His perspective... Grace changes everything!

Madison, Daniel, Jamison and Tom are so excited to be working together to create an Atmosphere for Youth to be who they truly are, seeing themselves through the eyes of the One who loves them most. We encourage a bottom up style of leadership, acknowledging and showcasing everyone's unique gifts and talents, allowing youth to use those skills in ways which demonstrate the leadership in them.

Other Leadership

Tara Volney

SOZO Ministry

Tara is married to her best friend, Phil. They have two children, Daxton and Raina and 5 cats. She is the bookkeeper at Genesis and also works for Young, Hip & Married as their administrative goddess. Tattoos, cats, and family are some of her greatest passions!

She loves helping people, laughing, reading, learning, numbers and life in general!

Grace in the Bible

"I thank my God always concerning you for the grace of God which was given to you by Christ Jesus."1 Corinthians 1:4